When Sophie Gets Angry: Molly Bang

When Sophie Gets Angry-Really, Really Angry  

  • Author/Illustrator: Molly Bang
  • Publisher: Blue Sky Press

  • Publication Year: 1999

  • Brief Summary: Sophie’s sister snatches her toy and Sophie trips while trying to get it back. She gets mad, really mad, runs off into the woods, and eventually finds ways to calm down.

  • Awards (if any):

Awards, Honors and Prizes:

Best Books:

State and Provincial Reading List:

  • Ideas for using this book in classroom or library:

    • Discussion and exploration of emotions…what does Sophie do when she feels mad?  What do YOU do?

    • What colors does the illustrator use to signify calmness vs. anger?  What colors do you associate with other emotions?  Read My Many-Colored Days and compare.

    • Read other books about emotions (e.g. Today I Feel Silly by Jamie Lee Curtis).  Talk about how it’s okay to feel different emotions.

    • What other ways did Bang employ to show the character’s emotions?  Lines — jagged/sharp vs. round/circles/soft.

    • Could be a great resource for the school guidance counselor.

  • Brief notes on curriculum connections/content learning standards/Common Core/etc.

    • Children make text-to-self connections about what they do when they are mad

    • Text-to-text connections

  • Special features included (if applicable) — index; timeline; author’s notes; further reading; etc.: Extension activities at Mollybang.com http://www.mollybang.com/Pages/sohpie_act.html

  • Accessed at: Personal Library



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