Scaredy Squirrel: Melanie Watt

Scaredy Squirrel

Author/Illustrator: Melanie Watt
Publisher: Kids Can Press
Publication Year: 2008
Brief Summary: Scaredy Squirrel is so scared of what might happen “out there” that he never leaves his nut tree…at least never without his emergency kit.  But when his routine is broken by accident one day, he discovers a whole new world.

Awards, Honors and Prizes:

Ideas for using this book in classroom or library:

  • What would you put in your emergency kit?  Draw and label your kit, and explain why you would have each item.
  • Scaredy Squirrel is always afraid of what might happen.  What is something that you worry about?  What do you or your parents/friends/teachers do to help make you feel better?
  • Why do you think it might not so good to stay in the same place day after day and do the same thing over and over, even if doing something new might be scary?  Are there any advantages to trying new things?  Write about the last time you tried something new…were you scared? excited? were you glad you did it?

Brief notes on curriculum connections/content learning standards/Common Core/etc.

  • Text-to-self connections

Special features included (if applicable) — index; timeline; author’s notes; further reading; etc. Activities and other resources can be found at

Accessed at: Personal Library


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