Mei Li: Thomas Handforth

Mei Li

Author/Illustrator: Thomas Handforth
Publisher: Doubleday
Publication Year: 1938
Brief Summary: Mei Li sneaks out of her home to join her brother at New Year’s fair.  Will she get home in time to meet the Kitchen God and receive her instructions for the new year?

Awards, Honors and Prizes:

Randolph Caldecott Medal, 1939 Winner United States

Ideas for using this book in classroom or library:
  • Introduction to multicultural literature.  What details in the book tell you about ways Chinese people celebrate New Years that might be different than ours?  Does your family have a special tradition for Christmas or New Years or another holiday?  Write about it.

Brief notes on curriculum connections/content learning standards/Common Core/etc.

  • Text-to-self connections
  • Text-to-world connections
  • Social studies: China; multicultural awareness

Special features included (if applicable) — index; timeline; author’s notes; further reading; etc.
Accessed at:  Thrasher Elementary Library


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