Hondo and Fabian: Peter McCarty

Hondo and Fabian

Author/Illustrator: Peter McCarty
Publisher: Henry Holt
Publication Year: 2002
Brief Summary: Hondo the dog and Fabian the cat spend the day apart having different sorts of adventures, but come together at the end of the day to enjoy each other’s company.
Awards, Honors and Prizes: 

Ideas for using this book in classroom or library and/or brief notes on curriculum connections/content learning standards/Common Core, etc.:

  • Discuss pets…Do you have pets and what kind?  What do you they do during the day while you’re at school?  What do you do with a dog that might be different than a cat?
  • Do you think Hondo and Fabian are good friends?  How can you tell?

Special features included (if applicable) — index; timeline; author’s notes; further reading; etc.

Accessed at: Thrasher Elementary Library


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