Mini Libraries Near You

A dozen miniature book exchanges are headed to Chattanooga area neighborhoods by end of year |

I have been thinking about doing something like this ever since Bookcrossing and other similar programs came out years and years ago.  Then my daughters discovered the mini library outside of Chattanooga’s Children’s Discovery Museum when we moved to the city and my interest in free book swap programs was renewed.  What a great way to get books into hands of children whose families might not be able to afford, or might not value, home libraries!  I dreamed about starting something like that where I live, but I didn’t think it’d be much used, since we have our own town library, a local bookstore, as well as the well-stocked libraries in our schools.  But, too often, we assume that just because we live in a nice neighborhood or send our kids to a good school that every child has the opportunity to own books or visit the library…this is simply not true!  More and more I am realizing what a luxury books are to some families, and how much I’ve taken my book collection for granted.

So, if you are passionate about reading and fostering the love of reading to the young people in our community, send me a message and let’s start brainstorming about how we can install a mini book exchange or two in our neighborhood.  I would love to hear from those of you who can build one of these exchanges too, because I have to admit, I am not that handy!



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