The New Year

I know most of us say this, “Can you believe it’s already [insert new year]?!?  Where did the time go?!?”  This year is no different; I can’t believe it’s already 2015!

But 2015 is different.  Two and a half years ago, in the summer of 2012, I set off to complete this daunting task of pursuing an MLIS degree in the name of following my dream and becoming a librarian.  Being a planner, I poured through the course catalogs and mapped out exactly what classes I was taking and when.  I took the max number of credits (as many as I could handle without losing it on my family — and even then, I still had a couple of breakdowns), in back-to-back semesters, sacrificing lazy summers in exchange for what would turn out to be some of the most amazing reading adventures I’d go on (my YA and picture book classes).  If everything went according to plan, I would finish with the program by Spring 2015, and despite some hiccups along the way (e.g. a move out of state, aforementioned breakdowns), I’ve made it!

I will begin 2015 with two Praxis exams and a 15-week practicum in 3 school libraries, the last components of the program I need to check off before they will hand me my diploma.  (There is the Comps, of course — the big exit exam at the end of the semester — but I am choosing to REPRESS that thought for now.)  The Praxis exams are not too difficult, but I am most looking forward to the practicum.  Though I feel like I already have experience working in the school library setting, every librarian is different and I know I will have plenty more to learn.  I am also looking forward to (albeit with slight trepidation) my time in middle- and high-schools — environments I have almost no experience with, save for my own personal experience as a middle/high-schooler.  The librarians I will be shadowing come highly recommended from those who know them in the district, so I can’t wait to start!

In the upcoming few weeks I will be writing more about my practicum experience.  Stay tuned!




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