Digital Citizenship – Student Assessment Form


Digital Citizenship: Student Exit Tickets

This week I got to go into 4 different 6th grade classrooms to deliver lessons on digital citizenship.  The media specialist and I decided to have students fill out exit tickets at the end of the class to see what they have learned, what they are still wondering about, and/or what they think we could talk more about next time.  Here are some sample tickets.  I’ll only post 6 here (they are all anonymous) but you can see a longer list of the most common responses here.  I feel like the students were really engaged and listening to what we had to say, but at the same time I feel heartbroken that these babies (yes, 6th graders are still babies!) already have to deal with such serious issues (cyberbullying, suicide, online predators, etc.).  We try our best to protect our kids, and we equip them with all these tools that they can use to protect themselves, but are those bubbles strong enough to keep them safe?

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Digital citizenship presentation for middle schoolers

This is week 2 of my 5-week placement at a middle school.  So far, I’ve been doing vastly different things than when I was at the elementary school.  Enjoyable, but different.  For one, I haven’t had a chance to really interact with the students, except for yesterday, when I went into a 7th grade health class and co-taught a digital citizenship seminar with the health/PE teacher.

It was good practice for the five 6th-grade classes I will be teaching this Thursday.  While I think I did okay on Monday, I think Thursday will be better because I will be teaching from material I put together myself.  (Talking off someone else’s slides was not ideal because I didn’t know the little anecdotes the teacher had to go with his points.  He had to interrupt me a few times to tell his stories…which made me feel/seem unprepared, even if I knew the topic well!)  Anyway, here’s a link to my presentation.  I am hoping that whoever sees it will give me some feedback of what to add, what to take out, etc.  I will have these 6th-graders for about an hour (I believe), and I don’t want to lose their attention or run out of things to say before the hour is up.  Thanks in advance for your feedback!